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Afghanistan Vet on Biden Pullout: "I'd Change Nothing"

Afghanistan Vet on Biden Pullout: "I'd Change Nothing"

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After 9/11, the US government jumped into war in Afghanistan, giving shells of reasons for their aggression. But at least they still gave reasons.

However, after Bin Laden was killed in 2011, even the illusion of a reason for this war was gone. It’s been time to come home for a while.

In an April interview with Matt, Adrian Bonenberger, author and veteran, predicted that Biden would execute the withdrawal from Afghanistan. And like Biden, he didn’t expect the immediate collapse in the region.

But still, says Bonenberger, Biden made the right decision. This was a pointless effort wasting time, money, and lives, and after two tours of duty and much reporting in the area, it became clear to him that US presence was doing nothing productive.

Ok, so it’s time to leave. But why is it going so poorly?

This, he continues, is more of a problem with the State Department than with Biden: “The system is not set up to get people from Afghanistan or Russia or Mexico or China to America. There needs to be some type of capability that we can switch on, some emergency act.”

And without that, this extraction was doomed. But Bonenberger, and your Useful Idiots, believe it’s a necessary move.

So hear us say it today, because who knows when we’ll say it again: “Good job, Joe.”

Plus, we don’t forget Biden’s terrible side in his nomination of Rahm Emanuel, we watch Newsmax’s racist coverage of “Afghani” men, and we side with the woman who’s deep in an affair with a chimp.

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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