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How to Discharge Your Student Loans with Austin Smith

How to Discharge Your Student Loans with Austin Smith

What do you do when your congressman is an a**hole who celebrates the January 6 insurrection and uses it to try propel himself to governor of New York? You run against him and f*cking beat him.

At least that’s what attorney and former Onion writer Austin Smith plans to do. And he’s using his “furious, blood-boiling” anger toward Lee Zeldin and the rest of Trump’s losers to help the people of New York’s first district to finally get a decent guy to represent them.

Smith, who previously worked for the campaigns of both John McCain and Hillary Clinton, has a clear mission in Congress once he unseats Zeldin: help people understand and navigate the ridiculous stupidity of student loans. He discusses his lawsuits against the deceitful companies who keep people buried in debt and shares well-hidden secrets for people who might not know they’re eligible to discharge their loans.

Listen here to what he has to say and then support his intellectual and for-the-people campaign here. Or just send him your junk (no, really).

Also in this week’s episode of Useful Idiots:

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It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode. Check it out.

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