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Israel is heading for "national suicide" says Jewish Arab Israeli activist Alon Mizrahi

Israel is heading for "national suicide" says Jewish Arab Israeli activist Alon Mizrahi

Former Zionist Alon Mizrahi thinks this will be "the war that breaks Israel"

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“If this is my story, then how do Palestinians feel?”

This was the turning point for Jewish Arab Israeli Alon Mizrahi, a Mizrahi Jew who grew up in Israel facing racism and discrimination his whole life because of the color of his skin and the type of Jew he is. Mizrahi Jews ancestrally come from the Middle East. Ashkenazi Jews, like Netanyahu, come from Central and Eastern Europe.

“I wasn't an Israeli,” Alon says. “I was treated differently, I was looked at differently by teachers in school, in university, by people everywhere. And when I was willing to accept that there's no such thing as an Israeli, my next step was, if this is my story, how do Palestinians feel? Or how do Arabs feel?”

Alon felt the long-engrained Zionism taught to him beginning to splinter. “And then I started reading about the actual history of Zionism and Palestine. And it didn't take long for me to get it. It has nothing to do with reality. Zionism is 100% fiction. There's not one grain of truth to all of it.”

So as the story he was told began to break apart and the death tolls of Palestinians rose each year, all without any word from the media he was instructed to trust, Alon’s worldview, like many people’s these days, has turned cold.

“I'm in a stage in my life,” he says, “where I question everything. Nothing is sacred for me. Nothing. People are sacred. Children and babies are sacred. But that's the only thing. The rest I don't give a f*ck about. I'm willing to accept everything I know about anything is a lie, a political lie, brainwashing, propaganda.”

As an Israeli who is now awake inside of Israel, Alon Mizrahi tells us his government’s plans:

“Netanyahu is preparing for a bigger and more apocalyptic war.” He believes Netanyahu will soon invade Lebanon, opening up a new front in order to keep his power steady as the war rages on. But Lebanon is not Hamas: their army and arsenal are fully equipped. Which is why Alon has such a dark prediction for Israel’s current fate: “National suicide.”

And how does that end? “I think this is going to be the war that breaks Israel.”

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