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Rashid Khalidi: How Biden fuels Israel's war on Palestine

Rashid Khalidi: How Biden fuels Israel's war on Palestine

Professor Khalidi breaks down Biden's repugnant, despicable, and Trumpian treatment of Israel

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“Have you been surprised at all at how extreme Biden has been in supporting Israel,” we asked Professor Rashid Khalidi, author of The Hundred Years' War on Palestine, “refusing to call for a ceasefire and downplaying the death toll?”

“Short answer,” he responds. “No.”

“I think that what the president said about the Palestinian death toll is absolutely despicable and unforgivable, and requires a public apology by the president himself. When you have, day after day after day after day, the administration harping on Israeli civilian casualties, and you have nine times the number of Palestinian civilian casualties, with the president of the United States disparaging the numbers, it is insulting, demeaning, and repugnant.”

Khalidi continues on to explain that Biden’s actions are not just morally untenable, but politically as well.

“He will lose the support of vast numbers of people. This administration has been beyond Trumpian in its furtherance of every position put forward by the Trump administration, without exception.” Khalidi predicts that if Biden stays on this track, he’ll not only lose the presidency, but also cost the Democrats the House.

“So, was I surprised? No.”

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