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Son of Israeli victims slams Netanyahu + Journalist reveals what REALLY happened on 10/7

Son of Israeli victims slams Netanyahu + Journalist reveals what REALLY happened on 10/7

A rare Israeli voice holds his government accountable and calls for peace. Plus, new Oct. 7th revelations that the US media ignores.

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“I see the government of Israel as accountable for October 7th.”

Israeli peace activist Maoz Inon lost both of his parents on October 7th. And while many Israelis who didn’t lose anyone want increased bloodshed, Maoz’s calls for peace show compassion and bravery.

“It’s very difficult in Israeli society to speak out right now, and he’s one of the few people doing it. He’s not letting his tragedy become weaponized to create even more tragedies.”

While it’s still unclear which side ultimately killed his parents, Maoz says it doesn’t matter:

“Maybe you’re right, maybe they were killed in Israeli crossfire. But what does it matter? What does it matter? My parents died because of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And I decided to commit my life to making peace. What does it matter who killed them. They were killed because of the conflict, and I’m going to make peace from the river to the sea.”

And though Israeli police make it dangerous, Maoz is protesting in Israel “with a very direct call and message that the government is accountable and the government must go.”

As information comes out about the events of October 7th, Israel’s role in the death count of its own civilians continues to increase. So we also interviewed Asa Winstanley, a journalist with the Electronic Intifada, whose reporting shows more and more evidence that Israeli forces killed their own people on October 7th.

He explains that even today, with Israeli hostages still in Gaza, the Israeli government shows no signs of letting up their deadly assault.

“It’s starting to seem like the political leaders of Israel do not want those captives to come home alive.”

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