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US Media Can't Stop Lying about Ukraine

US Media Can't Stop Lying about Ukraine

Our trigger-happy press tows the government line: WWIII is great!

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In the old world of journalism, reporters forced themselves through rounds of fact checks, dug through sources, interviewed every witness and expert they could find, and even then wouldn’t publish a story until they were absolutely sure of its veracity. And if all that failed and their story was wrong, they swallowed hard and published a correction. An embarrassing yet humbling check on the press that only added points to their credibility.

That was the old world. The old world is dead.

“Russian missile attack hits market in Ukraine, kills 16,” read headlines from every major news outlet. Weeks later, once the story had spread into the public consciousness, the New York Times quietly posted an update to the story: “Evidence suggests Ukrainian missile caused market tragedy.”

The same happened with the evil Chinese spy balloon (later revealed to be a spy balloon that did no spying), the Nord Stream pipeline, and countless other stories in which the US media shaped the war instead of report on it.

Journalist Bryce Greene joins Useful Idiots to shed light on the truth, break down the lies, debunk the corporate media.  

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There’s a lot of lies, so let Bryce Greene be your tour guide through the truth.

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Useful Idiots with Katie Halper and Aaron Maté
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