A Mate takedown is my kind of takedown.

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In my commentary about US sabre rattling over Ukraine, I made the same point about it being an aspect of the cold war against Russia, which was a economic basket case ruthlessly exploited by the US after its abrupt transition to capitalism in the 1990s. Russia was again cast in the role of evil empire under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, whose regime partly re-nationalized the economy, restored the socialized medical system and old age pension, reduced unemployment rates by an order of magnitude and achieved first world living standards for its population. Russia has also pursued an independent foreign policy which often clashes with that of the US. Russia has been pushed into a defensive alliance with China, Iran, Syria and other minor powers. https://dougmann.substack.com/p/us-nato-preparations-for-war-against

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The Media Outlets Demanding Joe Rogan's Removal from Spotify Spread Far More Disinformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ds5NK5gkKI

IMPORTANT: An outstanding 4-part (so far) Fox-Nation video – “Who is Hunter Biden”

It details the corruption and monstrosity of US president and his family. St. Obama organized coup in Ukraine and Biden as his VP was a de facto governor of that beautiful country, selecting and removing its government members, judges and heads of the industry.

US has three main exports – coups, corruption and weapons – in democratic Ukraine it exported, at enormous profits for many US politicians and their children (Pelosi, Kerry, etc.), -- it exported ALL three – introducing enormous corruption while -- “fighting corruption”. Note, key roles of Adam Schiff, colonel Windman, Jake Sullivan, former Hillary and now Biden’s national security advisor, and rabid Cold War Russia-hater Fiona Hill in Russia-gate hoax concocted by St. Obama, Hillary and Biden.

Same lying team is promoting an “instant” attack on now oh soo “democratic” Ukraine with Nazi-army units whose snipers killed more than 70 people in 2014 Kiev’s Maidan square protests and burned nearly 100 people seeking safety in an Odessa building..

The documentary failed to show Biden infamous speech in Senate celebrating his new Draconian law for drug use “which no judge will be able to overturn or soften” – while his son, “the smartest businessman he ever knew”, was consuming for a decade hard drugs at rate of $40K/month or higher. Hunter’s teeth were so corroded from drugs that his dental work (crowns and implants) totaled $70K+.

It is certainly true that the incompetent clown Trump and anti-China GOP lunatics are bad. But Joe Biden’s corruption and war-mongering are comparable to Clinton’s family and far more dangerous.

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