Jan 21, 2022 • 56M

Did the FBI Kill Martin Luther King? with Dr. Gerald Horne

Dr. Gerald Horne on the rising threat the US poses to the world

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Matt Taibbi
Katie Halper
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“There’s an underestimation of how dangerous the United States government is right now.”

Prolific and esteemed historian Dr. Gerald Horne, who holds the Moores Professorship of History and African American Studies and has authored over 40 books, warns that the greatest threat to world peace is the US government.

Whether taking down civil rights leaders, starting countless wars, killing foreign civilians, using imperialism to rule other countries, causing economic ruin for entire regions… need we go on?

Just this week, we got to see the FBI cheer on Dr. Martin Luther King after aiding his assassination. Plus, measures were introduced in the Senate to block the Nord Stream 2 pipeline…in another country. It’s US imperialism that would cause economic disaster in Europe. It’s not easy being the world’s policeman, but someone’s gotta do it.

So join us as Dr. Gerald Horne unravels the danger of the United States government. But make sure not to speak up too much about it, or who knows what will happen. As the FBI wrote to Dr. King: “You are done.”

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

And come back Monday for the extended interview with Dr. Horne.