please post the long interview first. We are paying good money for this but it's a major drag to listen to the short interview and then wait for the long interview and not know when to start listening to that interview.

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The race education industry and the predominant race education curriculum in universities and K-12 argues that whites are obligate racists and people of color can't be racist, e.g., racism equals whiteness. Shaming whites for being whites, calling whites racist because they are white is what happens in seminars and courses. That is the basis of racial identity politics promoted by the Democratic Party and the antithesis of a political strategy based on uniting a majority of people on the basis of common class interests. Corporations and universities and K-12 schools are not going to allow the teaching of variants of Critical Race Theory that address the class interests of the bourgeoisie that are served by racism, how laws and public policies are designed to perpetuate racism and how interests of the working class, including the majority of whites are harmed by racism.

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Thank you.

On the incredible danger the US represents today -- remember that Biden, under Obama, was a governor of Ukraine, selecting and replacing members of government and heads of the industry, while using Burisma to wash "dirty money".

Yet he now protests Russia's interference in Ukraine....

Thanks heavens, US coup in Kazakhstan was not successful.

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People aren't freaking out about CRT because they object to history. They object to the sadism of it all. I don't think educated, affluent Americans understand just how damaging sadism is for people who don't have the economic security to simply walk away from sadistic abuse or challenge it in court.

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Face it, the Cold War was due to Americans' paranoia over communism simply because it posited that workers should control their own lives and have political power due to their belief that the wealthy should control society because they are a) more righteous than workers as proven by their wealth granted them by god and (b) more industrious than workers. The Soviets were never an existential threat and never had a plant to take over the world, they thought that the worlds workers would revolt on their own and join them.

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Key players in the Russia-gate hoax and impeachment “entertainments” are now hyperventilating about “all but certain major war in Europe a la WW2” – ghouls Adam Schiff and colonel Alexander Windman (an Ukrainian). Same bastards who led the scam of the century concocted by the SAME lying team -- Obama-Biden-Hillary-Pelosi-Schumer-Schiff and the rest of DNC-CIA/FBI cabal.

Adam Schiff has been, for years, a leading recipient of huge “donations” by arm industry – his main source of funds. Remember when Raytheon in 2013 put on a Beyonce concert to promote Adam Schiff? This despicable -- that human excrement and serial liar is among leading Congress war-mongers and recipient of arm industry donations.


Schiff is now driving government’s domestic terrorism legislation !! In his free time this loathsome grifter wants to write a novel – of all things about Holocaust.

The entire Russia-gate lying team is back in FULL power -- we are now paying the price for not fully unmasking the brazen scam of the century. Of course, Trump and GOP lunatics were and remain VERY bad, however – however, DNC lying and warmongering team is INFINITELY more dangerous. They will for sure try to prevent 2022 elections - as "illegal" - in order to stay in power.

Also remember – Biden was the governor of Ukraine under Obama – selecting and removing heads of industry and Ukraine’s puppet government after successful US coup there. The immense corruption of Biden family still needs to be investigated – Hunter’s Burisma was used to ‘wash” their dirty money. Thanks heavens that recent “colored revolution” coups in Belarus and Kazakhstan were not successful.

WHO will be the first current or former Democrat Congresswoman/man or Senator to publicly acknowledge and confirm the brazen scam of the century – DNC’s + CIA/FBI security complex (St. Obama/Biden/Hillary/Pelosi/Schumer, Jammie Raskin, etc. + Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, etc.) Russia-gate hoax and subsequent conspiracies, including 1/6 “armed insurrection”?

War-monger vampires must be stopped. Military-industrial complex must be defunded – US main “products” and exports are now weapons, coups and immense and all-encompassing corruption. China is far more capitalist than the US, Russia has not been Communist for 30+ years, while the US is a corporate socialism (more polite term for fascism)

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I am sure Aaron actually knows this: The Nord Stream gas pipeline, is complete and is ready to pump gas. The hold up is akin to the Senate Parliamentarian concluding that the Senate can not carry through on any of Biden's empty promises. Nord Stream II is ready to join the already in operation NS I, except for German and EU bureaucratic 'processes' of approval.

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Of course they did. It is known. Thus has Socko declared: https://youtu.be/oDQXFNWuZj8

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Thank you both for all your efforts.

Just returned from a lunch with well-educated friends, all well-meaning industry executives, who are completely unaware and totally misinformed -- on Russia-gate fraud, on our "democracy", about "huge differences" between D and R parties, on Ukraine, on "drug war", on Afghanistan, on so "bad" Venezuela., etc., etc.

Came home depressed. Same with my own family. If this represents our citizenry -- our future is bleak, very bleak.

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Critical race theory is racism in reverse (black people are not smart enough to get ID, all whites are inherently bad, black are inherently good and don't have agency, they cannot be corrupt like anyone else hence the "White Malice" your guest mentions)- all this is to divide people by immutable characteristics and gaslight from the real issue, that is class and the corporatization of society which is affecting every color and creed. Aaron and Katie you really should do your homework before dismissing CRT which is pushed by Corporate Dems for a reason.

As to the FBI long gone are the days when it was fighting the "left" as your guest suggests -it was when the left was not bought by corporations. What the FBI has been fighting all along are the enemies of corporations.

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Jan 26, 2022·edited Jan 26, 2022

Fuck Hong Kong for killing the hamsters and the Europeans for allowing the slaughter of wolves. People are THE problem, our numbers should be reduced to well below 2 billion to achieve a sustainable population, culling the psychopaths among us, such as those calling for culls of hamsters and wolves.

Human biomass stand at 0.06 GtC while that of all wild mammals is at 0.007 GtC, so we are almost 10X more than they are and that is a huge imbalance. We can afford a loss of hunters, trappers, cullers, etc.

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Jan 24, 2022·edited Jan 24, 2022

Two in a row. What's next week? Remember the Kinks' song "Catch me now I'm falling"? For "Useful Idiots" it's "kick me now I'm falling."

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How can I watch or listen to the extended interview? Going to usefulidiots at substack, as instructed, doesn't get me there. I love you guys. Help.

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I’m from Tennessee of sorts. The King family has been requesting a re-opening of the case since before I can remember (I’m 39). Most folks consider James Earle Ray comparable to Lee Harvey Oswald. Both were involved, and both were the product of influence, but who was their employer(s)?

Also, I loved Aaron’s discussion of the mechanized Israeli goldfish on a propaganda expedition

I live in Colorado, so I’m high. Still, I wonder if they could teach this Israeli Goldfish to sing “Don’t Drink the Water” by Dave Matthews Band. It's off the 1998 album “Before These Crowded Streets.” The lyrics fit perfectly. … #sorrynotsorryADL

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About the Florida law: this must be one of those pieces of legislation written by groups like ALEC because we have one just like it in Arizona.

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💪🏽💪 Thanks Aaron Mate for your youtube workout recommendations:

⁌ Daniel PT FItness

⁌ Millionaire Hoy

⁌ Tiff X Dan

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