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Vote No on Dr. Phil! Oprah has done enough harm already! (Wait, it was Dr. Phil right?)

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RFK is "very controversial"... ?!?!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Let's Fight Censorship... -- Jul 28


RFK Jr Is Asked, “Why Should Anyone Trust You?” His Answer Receives a Round of Applause

https://rumble.com/v32tvpw-rfk-jr-is-asked-why-should-anyone-trust-you-his-answer-receives-a-round-of-.html -- Jul 28

James O’Keefe interview with Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Jul 27


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Is COVID A Bioweapon That Targets Specific Races? -- Jul 25


RFK Cancellation Attempt – Jul 25


We Need to REVIVE Our Middle Class - RFK Jr. on The Joe Rogan Experience – Jul 24


RFK Jr: The People Who Censor Speech Are Never the Good Guys, According to History – Jul 24


False Accusations -- Jul 22


The Art Of Democracy -- Jul 21



Jul 20 -- Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government

Jul 20 -- Intro to RFK


Become a Defender of Democracy -- Jul 20


2021 !! -- Previously Unreleased Recording: Bret Weinstein Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (From 2021)


Connecting Youth With Nature -- Jul 18


The Earth Is An Ark -- Jul 17


We need to stop investing in war, and start investing in the American people. --- Jul 15


How To End The Polarization -- Jul 13


Our Food Is Being Poisoned -- Jul 13


Fear Doesn’t Solve Climate Change -- Jul 12


The Remedy is Kennedy

https://rumble.com/v2z1pas-the-remedy-is-kennedy.html -- Jul 9

RFK Jr: I'm PROUD To Be Liked By Trump, I Want To Bring Americans TOGETHER

https://youtu.be/iD-cFQxDTPw -- ~Jun 30

RFK podcast -- Next Level Censorship with Aaron Maté



E127: Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in conversation with the Besties

https://youtu.be/nA0OXZuaG0g -- ~May

The Hunger Precipice

https://rumble.com/v2yhmje-the-hunger-precipice.html -- ~ Jul 6

Our Campaign is Blasting Off

https://rumble.com/v2ywwts-our-campaign-is-blasting-off.html -- Jul 8

Bret and Heather 182nd DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Gender Surrender — Atrozin

https://www.youtube.com/live/USF0A_fRlvk?feature=share -- Jul 7

RFK on Jordan Peterson podcast – Jun 5


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Oddly enough, you omitted his full throated support of Zionist apartheid, regime change in Iran controversies, and his support for criminalizing speech (if it's speech he disagrees with about boycotting Israel)

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Aug 4, 2023·edited Aug 4, 2023

There is something called strategy in preelection fight... -- oddly, nothing "odd" here

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Aug 4, 2023·edited Aug 4, 2023

Are you stating that RFK's support for apartheid, imperialist regime change, and state censoring of speech is a carefully crafted "strategy"?

By calling this a "strategy," do you believe that he has no actual convictions on these topics and is only doing it to gain popularity?

Do you support apartheid, imperial regime change, and state censorship of speech like RFK?

Edit: I'm sorry for by my use of the word "odd" if it was triggering for you, that was not my intent. I think it gently and gracefully describes your omission of "controversial" stances RFK defends. Specifically, it is odd that you made a list of 25+ sources as a retort to his views being described as "very controversial" but did not mention pro-apartheid, pro-empire, anti-first amendment.

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PS: I am just unable to figure out how to participate...

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