I love you guys, but your bewildermindent about the milk family just comes off as out of touch and condescending (I get there are valid things to criticize about a clip of that kind). They have 9 children of varying ages plus the two adults.

Maybe it’s just my middle America upbringing but I’ve personally witnessed how much milk a teenage boy can guzzle in a week. I find the 12 gallon figure absolutely unremarkable.

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I came here to make a similar point. It felt unnecessarily mean-spirited and undignified to mock that family. Criticize CNN all you want for choosing this as a way to highlight the effects of inflation - I don't think they quite qualify as a typical American family - but of the few facts presented about this family (1. Amount of milk purchased, 2. The rising cost of their weekly grocery bills, 3. They've adopted a whole bunch of kids) Taibbi and Halper chose to focus on the least important in order to ... I don't know exactly, maybe try to prove that it's their own fault that inflation is costing them more?

Between this and Taibbi's odd attempt to downplay the effects of inflation on people at the lower end of the economic spectrum compared to those with higher net worth, the whole segment felt very out of touch and smacked of classism.

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That said, I’m in complete agreement with Katie’s ranking of diet soda.

And Grapico is definitely the soda worthy of a car search. Maybe it’s just an Alabama thing though…

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I think the most charitable description I can give of this podcast episode is that it hopefully wasn't an accurate reflection of your thoughts on inflation as I agree with Nancy an N.

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If you want to hear someone painfully try to explain something that they do not understand look no further than Matt’s explainer of inflation. It was self contradictory and meandering and sounded like he was trying to figure out how inflation worked while explaining to Katie who has even less of an understanding of economics and just nods along.

I’m a big fan of their political takes but I was cringing as I listened to their take on this ill thought out segment.

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In defense of Dr. Fauci

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#238 – Francis Collins: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Lex Fridman Podcast

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I live in Fairfax County VA, which is adjacent to Loudoun. Matt, you either glossed over or didn't know the whole story about the bathroom incident with the skirt-wearing boy. Prior relationship or not, the girl WAS assaulted in the bathroom. This was acknowledged by the school, obviously, because he was transferred to another school where he assaulted yet another girl. These incidents were known by the school board and by the superintendent and they lied to parents saying no such incidents happened. (The superintendent replied to an email alerting him of the assaults).

Also, LCPS and FCPS have removed books such as "To Kill a Mockingbird " (White saviorism may be triggering to some) and the libraries now carry books written for children that contain pedophilia, graphic sex, and graphic illustrations of sex). The public schools in Northern VA used to celebrate Dr. Suess' Birthday/100 days of school. Alas no more, all to protect young minds from the outrageous racism in Dr. Seuss books (sarc). Instead public schools here celebrate Read across America Day when Transgender people are given the opportunity to read books about transgtransgenderism to kindergarteners.

I could go on and on. Most of the teachers are true living heros but the administrators for the most part are leftist activists. We've had quite enough of their bull shit and are not going to stop advocating for the excellent schooling our kids deserve and we're paying handsomely for.

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