Good show today. Your guest had some very interesting but disturbing comments about Israel that reminded me of both the far right here in America and some of the practices of the Persian Gulf states.

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yep i unsubbed based on their “educated” propaganda fed right from irans regime and their anti west foot soldiers in academics, politics, and the media to sow distrust over the west and especially jews and israel. arabs have 22 states-islamic regimes are awful-jews are the rightful and native inhabitants of the land of israel as well as a democracy. kurdistan belongs to kurds. arabs to the arabic peninsula.

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The federal government is a front for the central bankers and its associated corporations. That is all you need to know. Everything Dr. Ron Paul said was 100%.

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I am not a Zionist. I come from among the Jews who opposed the establishment of Israel but you must admit that the 20th century has largely proven the Zionists right. Jew hatred is alive and well worldwide today and many Jews have fled to Israel as a result.

I am curious though what you think should be the goal for the various peoples who inhabit the areas contested by the Israelis and the Palestinians. Is it a single state with right of return or a two state solution? If the former, how would the rights of Jews be preserved as they become a minority? Since all past attempts at the two-state solution have failed, what can be done differently to achieve it?

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TikTok is a real "security" problem from an IT perspective because it potentially allows TikTok software to gather a variety of personal information from the smart phones that it is installed on. That is why the government and military is banning it: access to potential information that could be used to "socially engineer" hacks into agency infrastructure, as well as potential access to actual sensitive govt/military data on any given smartphone.

The technical details are no different from any other "non-Chinese" smartphone app (including twschitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) from any country, or from even deeper internal security vulnerabilities/bugs in the smartphone operating system (iOS, Android, etc.).

If the FBI/CIA/NSA can "spy" on your cell phone, which they can, so can Chinese spy agencies via TikTok or other apps and hacks.

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re: everything is always worse than you thought it was going to be

Lee Fang on twschitter's so called monitoring of US security apparatus meddling:


Also see this classic piece about how the national security apparatus (spy agencies) have long invested in social media companies (!) and then used social media to spy on the american people:

re: Lee Fang on In-Q-Tel



archived version of the above, no paywall:


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Lee Fang

Apr. 14 2016, 10:57 a.m.

SOFT ROBOTS THAT can grasp delicate objects, computer algorithms designed to spot an “insider threat,” and artificial intelligence that will sift through large data sets — these are just a few of the technologies being pursued by companies with investment from In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm, according to a document obtained by The Intercept.

Yet among the 38 previously undisclosed companies receiving In-Q-Tel funding, the research focus that stands out is social media mining and surveillance; the portfolio document lists several tech companies pursuing work in this area, including Dataminr, Geofeedia, PATHAR, and TransVoyant.


Those four firms, which provide unique tools to mine data from platforms such as Twitter, presented at a February “CEO Summit” in San Jose sponsored by the fund, along with other In-Q-Tel portfolio companies.

The investments appear to reflect the CIA’s increasing focus on monitoring social media. Last September, David Cohen, the CIA’s second-highest ranking official, spoke at length at Cornell University about a litany of challenges stemming from the new media landscape. The Islamic State’s “sophisticated use of Twitter and other social media platforms is a perfect example of the malign use of these technologies,” he said.

Social media also offers a wealth of potential intelligence; Cohen noted that Twitter messages from the Islamic State, sometimes called ISIL, have provided useful information. “ISIL’s tweets and other social media messages publicizing their activities often produce information that, especially in the aggregate, provides real intelligence value,” he said.

The latest round of In-Q-Tel investments comes as the CIA has revamped its outreach to Silicon Valley, establishing a new wing, the Directorate of Digital Innovation, which is tasked with developing and deploying cutting-edge solutions by directly engaging the private sector. The directorate is working closely with In-Q-Tel to integrate the latest technology into agency-wide intelligence capabilities.

Dataminr directly licenses a stream of data from Twitter to spot trends and detect emerging threats. Screen grab from Dataminr’s website.

Dataminr directly licenses a stream of data from Twitter to visualize and quickly spot trends on behalf of law enforcement agencies and hedge funds, among other clients.


Geofeedia specializes in collecting geotagged social media messages, from platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, to monitor breaking news events in real time. The company, which counts dozens of local law enforcement agencies as clients, markets its ability to track activist protests on behalf of both corporate interests and police departments.


PATHAR’s product, Dunami, is used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to “mine Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to determine networks of association, centers of influence and potential signs of radicalization,” according to an investigation by Reveal.


TransVoyant, founded by former Lockheed Martin Vice President Dennis Groseclose, provides a similar service by analyzing multiple data points for so-called decision-makers. The firm touts its ability to monitor Twitter to spot “gang incidents” and threats to journalists. A team from TransVoyant has worked with the U.S. military in Afghanistan to integrate data from satellites, radar, reconnaissance aircraft, and drones.

Dataminr, Geofeedia, and PATHAR did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Heather Crotty, the director of marketing at TransVoyant, acknowledged an investment from In-Q-Tel, but could not discuss the scope of the relationship. In-Q-Tel “does not disclose the financial terms of its investments,” Crotty said.

Carrie A. Sessine, the vice president for external affairs at In-Q-Tel, also declined an interview because the fund “does not participate in media interviews or opportunities.”

Over the last decade, In-Q-Tel has made a number of public investments in companies that specialize in scanning large sets of online data. In 2009, the fund partnered with Visible Technologies, which specializes in reputation management over the internet by identifying the influence of “positive” and “negative” authors on a range of platforms for a given subject. And six years ago, In-Q-Tel formed partnerships with NetBase, another social media analysis firm that touts its ability to scan “billions of sources in public and private online information,” and Recorded Future, a firm that monitors the web to predict events in the future.


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Thank you so very much !!


FBI hits out at 'conspiracy theorists' for questioning its Twitter-gate actions - but refuses to reveal contents of top secret meetings directly before Hunter Biden story was suppressed


Spooks infiltrate Silicon Valley: Facebook is riddled with ex-CIA agents – including President’s briefer who now runs 'harmful content' team – so many ex-FBI work at Twitter they have Slack channel and Google is rife with ex-CIA


'This is a psyop run by FBI on the American people': Twitter Files author Michael Shellenberger says FBI knew Hunter laptop was real (for ONE full year) - but still told Twitter and the US public it was fake

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