I would love a Seymour Hersh episode. He has not done much this year and I just don't think he's aware of the reach of New Media. It would be an epic conversation.

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I actually like the banter. That's why I came here, instead of other lefty podcasts. I kinda hoped you guys gave a full commentary on the beef between TYT and Jimmy Dore/Aaron Mate. Criticizing people that weaponize the #metoo is totally your lane Katie.

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Gotta say, y’all are really overdoing the “witty banter” at the beginning of the show. Originally you were pretty focused on the four food groups with some asides that gained a life of their own. Now the banter has turned into blather that seems to go on forever, bloated with self-referential and frankly boring exchanges. There seems to be a category error here: it’s not that either of you or the dynamic between the two of you is unbelievably entertaining per se, you need to be riffing off of something substantive! I have been a paying subscriber from the get go and you used to be hilarious. Give yourselves a listen sometime, it really drags. Bring back the fireworks please!

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Free Julian Assange, free Palestine, end all Sanctions.


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Cuomo and Trump had no difference in HOW they talked, the only difference was one of them liked masks and one didn't. One was a republican and the other was not.

Did you see his "New York State Clean" hand sanitizer commercial he did at a press briefing? CNN played the video a short clip of his LONG LONG LONG hand sanitizer commercial then they covered for him by suggesting he struck a very serious tone after the fact.


The truth is they played 60 seconds of what was a ten minute hand sanitizer commercial. Mind you the hand sanitizer is made by New York State Prisoners.

No one talked about it on the left or right, but plenty of podcasters that most would label with terrible names made fun of him for months. Like when it came out that he covered up the nursing home deaths, he told people he understood their pain because his father died in a hospital instead of a nursing home. Which would make you think his father died during Covid, when in fact his father has been dead since 2016.

Cuomo and other democratic governors were used to bolster democrats and win the presidential election, just like all the cover ups for Whitmer. She said she was going to be kidnapped by a right wing terrorist group, in fact 5 out of 12 of the people in the conspiracy worked for the FBI either as agents or as Confidential Informants.

We all knew that the Chinese were hiding a lab leak, everyone who read the details of the virus had an inkling, but only NOW that there is no Trump is it acceptable for John Stewart to go on the Tonight Show and say what has been obvious for a year.

They told us after Trump won that "they wouldn't make that mistake again" the mistake of reporting on Hillary's server and the other things that were negative and they did exactly what they said they would do. They took anything that could be remotely negative involving a Democrat and covered it up.

"oooh 142 cases, what does that mean, only 8 are hospitalized...what does that mean...the others are at home, just like they have the flu, why are 8 in the hospital...because they have an underlying illness" - Cuomo


It's true, this disease was really only deadly to the very old or those with co morbidities, why did every governor change their tune on this? Well, they realized this is exactly what they needed to win the presidential election. If a silver bullet had come out, a button that would cure all Covid in the World in August of 2020 and the only one that new it existed was Nancy Pelosi she would have waited till January 6th to press the button.

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joe got his electoral “gain”, nationwide, from fraudulent ballots

there is THAT to consider by the ny author/ t w a t, yapyapyap

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Pie Pitter

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Love the idea about Bezos having to eat something exorbitantly expensive but the Mona Lisa ain't for sale. How about Salvatore Mundi?

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On Bezos: liked the Red Dragon reference, loved the picture of Bezos creepily eating that iguana — that’s a wallpaper.

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A society or family (in NZ we are apparently all “whanau” meaning family, some with more rights to resources (particularly men) and space than others though, that “can’t afford” to support women and children the elderly or ill or organise house and feed at basic levels its law abiding citizens can’t afford to pay for violent criminals who even threaten the safety of the public and those who are simply paid to work there, for offenders whole lives at exorbitant cost in prison and supervised care facilities surely? I can see why everyone loses their minds in such environments and under these conditions anyway and why people escape misusing legal and illegal drugs and alcohol or fall into other addictions or behaviours with horrible consequences for themselves and everyone else usually.

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