Oh my. I have been to Cuba. My driver was a doctor on his "vacation." His brother in Miami paid for his car so he could play taxista on holidays. He made $45 a month. His daughter was a newly hatched teacher. She made $15 a month. The whole country is collapsing. People are terrified of the government. I had marriage proposals from waitresses.

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What an amazing podcasts title on the heels on massive vicious crackdowns by the regime on protesters....maybe this is where Trudeau gets inspiration. Yes, debunk away.

You may want to check out the cumuative GDP of the nations that don't embargo Cuba vs. that of the United States. Plenty of people to trade with, yet its economic calamities are perennial.

Wow, How amazing that no one begged a thing from her! Panopticon that Cuba is.

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Wow, free healthcare and schools and stuff. There’s a word for that setup. It’s called a zoo. Oh, zoos are out, I forgot. They’re adverse to the animals’ rights, captivity violates animals’ nature to thrive in, well, nature. Wonder if humans have a nature? The progressive post-modernists say no, it’s all nurture. That’s why Steven Pinker is a fascist for suggesting otherwise. So sure, Cuba is a utopia if your idea of life is living in a zoo. Everything you need will be provided. We’ll let you know what you need. I love it.

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Feb 21, 2022·edited Feb 21, 2022

It is astonishing to me that Matt Taibbi would put his name on something like this podcast. No fewer than twice did Rania refer to Cuba as a “utopia” without a shred of irony or pushback from the hosts. Her talking points came directly from the PCC. Anyone who has visited Cuba can attest to the blatant inaccuracies of her depiction.

Perhaps the most cringe-worthy (and this podcast is a target rich environment) are her effusive adulations of the allegedly uniform and radical support for the regime among the Cuban population.

I can’t wait for her to visit North Korea and return to tell us all about how that other “people’s utopia” also “schools” the US on democracy.

Rania is clearly a special person, but for the hosts of this podcast to say absolutely nothing that for a second questions the narrative, and agree on virtually all points really takes the cake. Shameful.

Matt Taibbi, are you down with this, man?

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