Matt, thank you for all your outstanding journalism -- I have been your fan for decades.

There is a huge outrage going on -- a brazen and huge SLANDER of Aaron Mate and Grayzone regarding well-documented OPCW fabrications at direct request by US government. They are just coming out of huge three year long fake and just dismissed Syria-related lawsuit (with direct involvement of top pro-Israel lawyer).

TYT's Cenk and Anna have also been activated by its DNC oligarch to slander and stop Aaron's work on US/Al Qaeda crimes in Syria -- the avalanche of slander and redirection by even inventing "me-too" is unprecedented.

TYT is also on record of slandering the publisher of a century -- Julian Assange.

Grayzone -- Ben Norton, Aaron Mate, and Max Blumenthal need maximum support -- including yours and wonderful Katie's !!

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You're correct. Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal & Anya, Jimmy Dore and a few others are the only real journalists extant. And as I've said before, I drink Petrov Vodka whenever it's available.

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Thank you -- btw I am not of Russian origin -- name is 5 letters longer when written in English ;-))

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I stand corrected! :-)

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Two diamonds:

TYT-Jimmy Dore War Shows Toxic Pathologies in Liberal Discourse – July 5, 2021 ( OUTSTANDING ! ) System Update with Glenn Greenwald -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoXZP4m-Af8

Tim Dillon -- WONDERFUL “Afghanistan withdrawal” song (for Heroin and Pedophile Warlords) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVMvq6N8psc

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Tim Dillon -- wonderful Afghanistan song (for Heroin and Pedophiliac Warlords)


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