I am so proud of the authors: I ordered the book from Walmart: it is available everywhere!

The Palestinians have been caged in Gaza for decades.Today, they are being killed in their cage:

genocide. I have never seen a genocide before.

Watching children starve to death is so painful.

Starving a people is a war crime. I love the Palestinians, especially the little ones.

I will not pay for the genocide. I will not.

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BRAVO - and:

TC Uncensored: Election Fraud Exposed

About one in five mail-in ballots in the last election was fraudulent, handing Biden the presidency. We know this because the people who committed the fraud have admitted it in a new poll.


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No crisis "Cataclysm," because it is one. A few years ago when I was in my World War One phase of reading, and WW 1 sets the stage for all the madness today, I read a book by a British historian appropriately called "Cataclysm: The First World War as Political Tragedy," by David Stevenson. It's a thick read, down in the weeds, and I have a few criticisms, but whatever was going on then continues into the present day, so I recommend it to anyone who has time to read. Knowledge of the Past is constantly changing based on what we think we know today. In other words, what is going on in Gaza and the West Bank today can be totally framed by knowledge of the First World War, which is somewhat inaccurately named.

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boycott.thewitness.news A-Z brand names who support the IDF

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From the land of sky blue waters... comes the beer refreshing... Hammas the beer refreshing, Hammas the beer refreshing. If no one reading this remembers those once-ubiquitous TV jingles... maybe I'm getting too old.

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