DNC and Biden cabal claims that a biggest domestic threat are “white supremacists” – while financing and arming Ukro-Nazis !! What a FRAUD…

Your taxpaying money is paying for salaries of card carrying Ukraine Nazis – THINK about that !!

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An extraordinary video documentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiLoJsrr8bg

"The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation,” produced by GG’s Substack and Matt Orfalea

A clear connection between

CIA bipartisan Ukraine coup against its democratically elected government,

the immense Russia-gate hoax and

current bipartisan proxy war against capitalist Russia

What is still missing is the truth about bipartisan disinformation and total censorship about Nazi-dominated Ukraine government and US taxpayer support, including paychecks for card-carrying Ukraine Nazis. We are living in a midst of unspeakable crime and disinformation.

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May 21, 2022·edited May 21, 2022

You have lost all the listeners who do not tune in for conversation about your personal lives. I seldom listen to useful idiots anymore even though Aaron Mate has been a good influence in cutting down on the personal stuff I just don't have time for the personal lives of all the independent news media personalities

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The far right political parties (Right Sector etc) not only call the shots but are the only ones allowed by zellenskyy.

Russia does not claim all of Ukrainian society is Nazi that’s absurd.

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2016 Oliver Stone documentary on Ukraine history:


CAUTION: Much R-rated newsreel footage is shown. Just listen to the audio.

Stone documents with 100% newsreels and interviews what Lev Golinkin is saying. Cheers to Lev for explaining why US-UK news of current war is so distorted. :)

PS: The doc is free on Rumble and Oddysee. Censored on Youtube.

PPS: the 2019 Part 2 by Oliver Stone is less cinematic yet more informative of the history and details of this mess.

PPPS: RT News published a long piece by a Ukrainian woman, with photos paralleling what Stone documentary and Lev report on. It's HERE: https://www.rt.com/russia/551975-nazi-influence-ukrainian-politics/ You may have to use Brave or Yandex.com browser to find it if censored.

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I’d like to add that Serbian neonazis, organisation called KORMILO, is actually in line with and supporting Azovs.

It is true that Serbian people do support Russia in war against US/NATAO, as they have experienced “democracy and Western values” on their skin, and that there are volunteers fighting alongside Donbass forces, but they are not there because they support nazi ideology, Russian or otherwise, but because they oppose the atrocities that are committed Western backed Kiev regime.

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Great segment! Much appreciate this insightful report.

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If you starve Ukraine of weapons, Russia will overrun the country and install a puppet government akin to Kadyrov in Chechnya (if not annex the country outright). Pro-Russian separatists will more than likely be rewarded with control over all of Ukraine. And many of those separatists and those who support them are also neo-Nazis (Russian Imperial Movement, Russian National Unity, Russian Orthodox Army). Ukraine has an ultranationalist/neo-Nazis problem. As Golinkin freely admitted, the Azov/neo-Nazi links have been reported in almost every major media outlet (and Golinkin has written for CNN, NYT, Forward, etc.). If you starve Ukraine's armed forces of weapons, the entire country will fall to Putin's forces and many of the neo-Nazis separatist groups and their supporters will be put into power in either a post-war puppet government or an outright annexation of all of Ukraine. And all the Azov members will flee to the west and won't suddenly give up on being neo-Nazis. Expecting Zelensky's government to uproot neo-Nazis while trying to repel a Russian invasion is flatly ridiculous. Providing Ukraine with the weapons it needs to defend itself will open the door to a post-war Ukraine where Western funding for reconstruction can influence a post-war government that takes a harder line against neo-Nazis. As Golinkin notes, Ukrainians tolerate the neo-Nazis largely because they need their muscle. A post-war Ukraine free of any threat of Russian invasion or separatist violence would be the best place to deal with the neo-Nazis. That is of course if you are serious about helping Ukraine and do not fall into Putin's trap of using Ukraine's neo-Nazi problem as a way to dehumanize Ukrainians to justify the complete destruction of their country and the murder of civilians.

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Golinkin’s interview sounds like veiled Russophobia. When was he actually last in Ukraine? Better information is available from other sources George Galloway, Alexander Mercouris, Richard Medhurst.

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Eye rolling wokeness that obscures reality. Azov has been funded by Zelenskyy, by Kolomoysky and by Nuland. Are they all white supremacists? Or is white supremacy a reichstag fire? I wonder.

Hey do you guys feel safe riding the NYC subways or did you forget? Been to Waukesha recently?

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