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I’ve been voting third party for President ever since Bill Clinton threw a million children off of Welfare. I would sometimes still vote Blue in local primaries but I have recently withdrawn Dem party membership. My state makes you choose a party for voter registration, so I chose the Bread and Roses party. How can anyone not be for Bread and Roses?

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I’m also a Deadhead

I’m for skull and roses!

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I have not read it

I have been told that Jefferson just removed all the “miracles” including the resurrection etc

For me, as a “Christian” I have no use for a bible devoid of magic and miracles

Life is already too depressing



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I felt sick after voting for Obama the second time, because I knew he was full of it.

I felt comfortable not voting for Hilary Clinton because I knew who she was and I wasn’t going to be responsible for her, even if it meant Trump winning. I am glad now because I think the neocons were ready to strike at Russia then. They were out of luck with Trump in the WH.

I wouldn’t have voted for Biden under any circumstance. I didn’t quite know all of the ugly story about him but I knew enough to be decisive, even if it meant another Trump term.

I vote third party just because when there’s an option, but that’s rare. And I show up at the ballot anyway in order not to vote. I wish we had an option on our ballots to vote no confidence or signify our disgust somehow. They get to pretend that it’s not about them because we don’t have a voice beyond the red one or the blue one.

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A Q:

Who is more corrupt -- Biden crime family or Ukraine (ranked as one of the most corrupt countries) ??

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Voting is a joke. Especially in certain states like California where the outcomes are all

Forgone conclusions

Also we no longer have a vibrant or free press

We have state sponsored megaphones which speak literally in uniformity

This country is severely damaged and desperately in need of an overhaul

The woke democrat wing seems intent on destroying our country and our culture systematically


So our national sovereignty can be revoked and replaced by a global network of agencies like the EU, the WEF, the WTO


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The first time I was permitted to vote was for a man who I still think was great. That was George McGovern.

The last time I went for a Dem was BlowJob Bill the first time he ran.

Since it has been Ralph Nader who I consider one of the remaining great Americans from that gen gen. I knew Obama was a fake before he ran and didn’t vote for him.

Joe Biden has always been a vampire now he is just undead.

Bottom line: Fuck it. I’m glad I’m old.

“Good luck to all of you.” Joe Hill (the real one not King’s son’s pen name.

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Also I’m in NYC. So that is another variable in these decisions with the Electoral College, etc

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Forget about maintaining or expanding global hegemony

Fix the USA

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If we stopped terrorizing the rest of the world both military AND economically we wouldn’t need to worry so much about national security, terrorism and be spying on every one here and abroad

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Speaking as a Canadian it was Pompeo who as Secretary of State threatened to take over our inland waterways and nobody can protect Canada from Big Brother.

Zelenskiy is Canada's President.

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I have been watching a lot of the Marx Brothers movies. It was the dirty thirties and every line had a subliminal message about the gaslighting. It was brilliant satire it was the satire of Twain who knew both the cultures of Russia and the culture of America. The Marx Brothers were simple Ukrainians like my ancestors who fled the pogroms.

It was all Duck Soup.

Why a duck.

To get to the next lake.

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You can't fix the USA it is divided amongst itself.

It is time to read Orwell. Orwellian is the opposite of Orwell.

His selected essays Oxford Press tell you all you need to know about America and the world in 2023..The essay is called Nationalism it even talks about Zionism and Orwell died in 1950.

It is time to adopt a 21st century constitution. Canada constitution is worth the fighting words. America's constitution should have been abandoned when Jefferson wrote the American Bible after serving as president.

The Bible according to the Court of King James killed and tortured too many million humans and didn't harm a single deity.

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Maybe if we took the trillion dollars a year we spend on maintaining our empire and spent it on mental health, education, single payer healthcare, infrastructure, we might be able to begin the healing process

We would also need to abandon completely worshipping at the altar of diversity and began to worship at the altar of love, tolerance, and COMPETENCE the divisions would fade

Finally, restore all the new deal regulations that Reagan began removing in 1980 AND restored the tax code as it was under Eisenhower (top tax tier something like 94%) we could also start a more reasonable and sustainable equality of wealth distribution

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Have you read the Jefferson's Bible? That is exactly what he said.

It starts off with Caesar Augustus sending out his tax collectors.

Taxes pay for health, education and WELLFARING.

We pay North America's highest taxes and our governments suffer from overwhelming approval.

How un-American is that? Kind of puts James Clyburn and Lindsay Graham in exactly the same boat.

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We have already replaced the constitution

The supreme governing law of the land is called THE PATRIOT ACT

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"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" Samuel Johnson hated Benjamin Franklin and Johnson was the leading conservative philosopher in 1776.

Benjamin Franklin was both the patriot and the scoundrel. Edmund Burke was a Whig Parliamentarian. Definitely neither a patriot nor a scoundrel in Johnson's 1755 Dictionary of the English Language.

Scalia used Johnson's dictionary to pervert the US Constitution.

An originalist would know that devout Catholics could not hold high office according to the toleration act of 1689 when Britain under William of Orange and Mary II became democratic and the House of Lords became the seat of all government power.

Jefferson wrote an American Bible because King's James version was a perversion of Christianity.

Is Yonan Aramaic? The story of Jonah is the story of today.

IT IS THE STORY OF CORRUPTION and the solution to corruption.

Even God cannot predict the future.

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Reinstate Glass Steagle, began vigorously enforcing anti trust law.

Turned GOOGLE into a Utility, broke up the Airlines and the railroads, re-regulated airline, trucking and transportation industries we would not have to suffer at the hands of these monopolies

Government is NOT the problem!


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I vote, but I'm done with the duopoly. Third party, independent, or write-in only. As you all so eloquently point out every week, Republicans suck, Democrats suck. And we have no real democracy anymore.

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I have always voted, and as an ex-Chicagoan, there was a time that the Democratic Party was the bar down the block, the Alderman's scholarships and the plowed snow. I have now morphed into a Libertarian state of mind, as the Uniparty represents its own interests and seems hell bent on erasing mine, I may vote 3rd party again. The best defense is a good offense!

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I've voted in nearly every election for my whole life, because I feel it's my duty as a citizen. But for a long time now voting has been a depressing exercise. The lesser evil is often still pretty damn bad.

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I feel your pain. Last time I voted FOR somebody, it was Roger McBride in 1976. We ended up with Jimmie Carter, and that cured me. The problem is that the two wings of the Uniparty have made government so huge, so corrupt, so disruptive that any vote is defensive.

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Libertarians and progressives have more in common than both care to admit. We share common objectives, if not methods. Our true opponent is, to quote Mussolini, "the merger of state and corporate power.”

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I vote 3rd Party whenever possible (Nader 3 times, once as a write-in), as I find the "lesser of 2 evils" an "absurd" argument, since you'd be voting for "evil" in either case. "You ain't Black!" Biden vs Trump: If you were voting, say, the "least racist" candidate, then it would have to be "Kanye" Trump in this hypothetical. Going back to the 2020 quadrennial, I think the big story was that something like 26 million more votes were cast than in 2016, a truly astounding number, yet this got no play as "Stop the Steal" became such a massive (intentional?) distraction. Where did all of those votes come from? Even his Orangeness got 10 million more votes than in 2016 (where he only lost the popular by a whopping 3 million): Where oh where did all those extra Trump votes come from?

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Name a president since Carter that Wall Street didn't love? At least behind the scenes.

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The question wastoo easy.


It was easy. Trump woke up too many Americans both on the left and on the right.

Look how they took care of Eugene Victor Debs. They (Reagan) called FDR a traitor to his class after he saved their bacon. This time America may wake up one morning and find nothing left in the middle.

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Sorry, but you get a no time. As I heard someone else put it, Trump forced a 3 year bull market by threatening to dox the Fed chair. They loved that guy.

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I am sorry. The walls have ears. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

There were many like myself who liked the lack of excitement we used to call them conservatives before Newspeak.

I am an ultraconservative democratic socialist much like Bernie Sanders.

My favourite economist is Yanis Veroufakis who wrote the book on Game Theory.

Watch his debate with the Brooks Brothers. He was ably assisted by the publisher of the Nation.


The end of the story Arthur and David Brooks say they are Whigs not Tories. In Canada a whig is a liberal and a conservative is a tory. The debate took place in Toronto where David Brooks was born and Arthur grew up in Seattle the All Canadian of American cities.

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Edmund Burke was a Whig not a Tory. How Burke ever became a conservative must be the work of the Ministry of Truth. Burke sat in the House of Commons as a Whig. He was a liberal. He was a liberal extremist. He was Bernie Sanders not Jim Jordan.

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Never been more frightened or heartbroken in my entire life

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It’s a Deplorable state of affairs now that all congressional and senate races are becoming “national” nowadays all because of Citizen’s United. Your vote doesn’t mean a whole lot if you aren’t located in a contested district. It’s also especially insulting to your intelligence and detrimental to your mental health to be bombarded with negative PAC ads during election season. I find the only saving grace are the various third party local candidates. Anyone who is at least trying to buck the status quo, even if they are a wingnut with zero political experience can be worthwhile to vote for. Most of the mainstream candidates get their votes because of the hatred of the alternative, and nobody needs to take a stand on anything that is a yard outside of pure culture war nonsense. We live in a performative age now rife with literally fake politicians (George Santos) arguing over fake issues (trans bathrooms, gas stoves, electric cars) kneeling for photo ops with kenta cloths and/or shaking unread bibles overhead. Anyone who campaigns on economic class issues or anti-imperialism gets silenced or outspent 100:1. 49% of voting aged adults have said they’ve had it with the system, and “none of the above” wins every single time by default. Go figure!

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Quebec is a different World. If our Cabinet Ministers were caught with Chik-Fil-A bags it would be cause for concern. There are NO-CHIK-FIL-As in Quebec it against the law it is discriminatory it goes against our constitution. There is no such thing as Top Secret. If we discover Top Secrets they belong to the public domain.

Julian Assange is hero.

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I vote. I vote for the best candidate for purely selfish reasons but I am not an American .

I collect SS and Medicare but I never used American Medicare I believe healthcare is a right in 2023

I am about to turn 75 and this a year where my wife I have a very small and large bucket list. It is a year to buy books. You know the books. The books you always wanted to read but never had the time.

I am into Orwell's Selected Essays Oxford Press 2021.

The Essay on Nationalism is of particular interest. He describes National Socialism in all its garbs.

George Orwell died in 1950 but in 2023 all his dreams have come true. From Jerusalem to Washington from Beijing to Riyadh.

My father was Jewish and considered himself Jewish. He said Rabbinical Judaism is not Jewish. That is why it takes a minyan to study scripture you need at least 100 opinions. I wonder how widely shared is that belief in America's Jewish communities.

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