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Wow now the narrative changes. It is now the Israeli soldiers who rape, kill and probably behead innocent Palestinians...not hamas? This is hideous!

Concerning hospital bombing in Gaza. The initial report says, it was an Israeli rocket that hit the hospital dead on and killed 500+ civilians. Then it turned out to be a rogue hamas rocket that hit the parking lot and the report then was - 30 civilians were killed. Which one is it?

Got to say one thing is hard to believe. The state/land of Israel in the middle east, takes up the equivalent of 1 square foot of an entire football/soccer field...and they are the occupiers over there?

That said, since we are hearing one side only from you guys, can you bring on someone like Ben Shapiro to debate the other side? This would be good for all of us to see if you guys could put him in his place...with your facts, to his fiction

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Wow. A bona fide profile in courage. Thank you, Issa. And thank you, Katie and Aaron, for bringing his story to us.

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This is excellent. How can I share it.

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That’s fucked up.

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In addition to the statements of Israeli officials, it seems logical that “genocidal intent” can also be inferred from the citizenry. I recently discovered the term “Roman holiday.” It means:

1. a public spectacle or controversy marked by barbarism, vindictiveness, or scandal.

2. pleasure or advantage gained from the discomfort or suffering of others.

An example might be: “West Bank Israelis went on Roman Holiday while the government deleted the Arab presence in Gaza.”

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Lavrov: The USA is the Evil Root that Needn't Be Uprooted; a Chemical Solution Exists - Nov 5


My favorite term is “Empire of Lies” – term used by intelligent and thoughtful Putin

PS: A common practice is to video tape rape of Palestinian women prisoners -- for spying blackmail...

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