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Adam Schiff'ed his pants again.

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True. Can smell that all the way to Denver.

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Kamala careless

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Perjury Traitor Greene (not mine but great)

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Kamikaze Harris

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Adam "Schiff" for brains.

Kyrsten "Scary" Sinema

A conversation overheard:

"Hey, Nancy. The Joker called. He wants his make-up back."

For Katie: Senator St. Bernard Sanders

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Shame on you for taking advantage of an intellectually challenged old codger who is short time and long on puns. I can't remember names but remember personalities.

There is only one Judas Iscariot. He is the junior Senator from Texas.

There is John Cotton Mather Roberts.

There is Jamie Doctor of Law Raskin.

Amy the Silly Kobuchar.

Laser gun Green

Ronald Snake oil Reagan and his list is a page long

Donald the Ace of Trumps

Michael Faust Cohen

Jeff the computer Bezos

Elon the Space Cadet Musk

Steve the Nazi Miller

Bernie Don Quixote Sanders

Gregg twinkle toes Abbott do you think that is a little cruel just a little?

Cordelia Princess of Lear

Mitch anything for a buck McConnell

Prince Louis of Gomerville Jim Neybors played Louis very well he was a brilliant comedian and made Louis very loveable.


I 've run out of time

but there is Roger the stoned

Chuck the Wisest man of Chelm Shumir

and many more to come and look forward too or not.

look for Memphrie and avoid reading

Steve The Prince Bannon and so many more for whom simple words are never enough.

like Vlod Lord of the Flies Putin.

and James the wolf in sheep's clothing Clyburn

I hold Vlodymyr Zelensky in the highest esteem. I call him the Messiah.

I grew up where Kamala grew up and went to the same schools I call her the Oscar nominee for best Actor in a supporting role. It is hard when your a genius to play Cliff Robertson's Charly before the operation.

Kevin McCarthy is the Useful Idiot's Useful Idiot a role abandoned by John Boner and a useless idiot from Wisconsin.

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How about Biden His Time, Lauren Bobblehead, Matt Gaetz What He Wants, Joe Mansion, or Cori Ambush? Or Kamala Clueless, Kyrsten Cinema, Andrew Cuomo Estas, Sen. Amy Will Club You Far, Alexandria Occasionally Has a Cerebral Cortex?

And thank you, Katie Helper, for your wit and intelligence and righteousness!

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Hahaha that aoc one gyah damn son. How about kyrsten enema??

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Governor Gavin Noisome of California.

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Nancy bela lugosi

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Ron Piss-Pantis

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Sirota can't look up inside of a building or down on top of a roof.

I asked David Sirota's wife, Emily Sirota unRepresentative of Colorado House District 9 why she refused to insulate government and corporate buildings.

Her reply, "There isn't enough money to insulate schools."

You'd expect that out of a Republicans SUCK segment, not from a #BlueMafia fauxgressive like Emily Sirota.

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I hope all these politicians get sucked into suuuuuper complicated swirly Wirly heavy machinery

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I forgot to add: Ro "Con" na.

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Necks McConnell

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I just awakened from a Late Summer's afternoon dream and have a second. What an assignment. In Alaska you have Sarah My Name is Suzy Creamcheese Palin and the Late Don meet me in the lobby Young. In Maine you have Chock full of Nuts Lepage and Susan it is Fun in Wonderland Teaparty Collins and in Florida you have Senator Marco Soggy Cuban Sandwich Rubio and I take bourbon in my Morning Joe Scarborough along with the entire cast Peter Pan and Captain Ron the Don DeSantis Hook and oy oy oy in Iowa you have Senator injustice seeking don't puke on the lawn upchuck Grassley and Senator Real Men Castrate Hogs Ernst. We aren't even close to Southern California.

I am afraid to lie down.

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I submit that even though he wasn't elected he did rule over the nation for over two years and counting.

That would be Dr. Ouchie

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Do mean PhD in Marketing from Wharton Tony the the Camel Faucci?

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Recall that the idea is to submit a pun.> a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings.

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Peter a pun is a play on words. My culture is the culture of Katie and Aaron. Yiddis employs puns in its many forms to laugh at a world where we are the pawns and the Romans have the power of life and death.

Might I suggest Dick Cavett's interview of Mel Brooks. I think you really don't understand Useful Idiots


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Moe, you're too punny.

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I just gulped, I read puny and thought Peter was a changling. Start writing your newsletter I promise I will respond. Can I be the 8,000,000,000 year old man?

The Cavette Brooks discussion is a marvelous exploration of 150 years of American comedy.

I found it riveting

favourite line

Mel Brooks how could you?

He is a racist, he is abusive to women , he is an anti-semite.

No you idiot that's Mel Gibson

We can even do a video chat problem is I can't talk old I only look it and don't really look that old.

I can't follow instruction but I can plug and play.

I can't help laughing at my own jokes which is a severe handicap.

Diogenes was a hero.

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I've never been able to wear a watch is always problem

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Peter I know what a pun is and they say I am genius at linguistics. Homonyms, antonyms, metaphors parables, poems, Shakespeare was the master. I am just an old man labelled autistic who failed public school from kindergarten to Sr High. I write strictly for my own amusement. I hope there is someone who understands "My name is Suzy Cream Cheese" it is from Zappa's live at Freemont West Concert. My theological library is Lake Woebegonish and I consider America a foregone conclusion.

Do you consider Shakespeare's "Not of woman born" a pun? How about " Am I my brother's keeper?" what about "Son of David" in reference to the Messiah? What about "et tu Brute"?

Humans tell all kinds of jokes. Aaron and Katie are Masters.

Useful Idiots is a pun on Useful Idiots. Might I suggest an Evening with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner they were among the best. Murray the Press Agent is as good at it gets.

in French an Ordinator is computer. In English computers calculate and in French computers ordinate and need co-ordinators. Is that a pun or is is it a play on words. Or is a pun defined as a play on words? Is that play as in theatre or play as in political hanky panky?

read your Oscar Wilde or George Bernard Shaw or Ben Franklin and Mark Twain they were among the very best of the last three centuries. Stay away from Russia unless you carry a flashlight theirs is coal mine humour. "It is dark as dungeon way down in the mine" Merle Travis. In Montreal we had Irving Layton who hit you over the head with a cast iron pan to tell a joke. Sometime you need a two x four across the noggin get attention.


Check out pun as a literary device.

Thanks for the question. Maybe what ails America is they don't know their history or literature but as soon as they turn on the television they learn the Art of Sun Tzu.

Kinky Friedman circa 1970 was the Master of the Double entendre now days he writes books and sells cigars and tequilla., Andy Kaufman did silent standup and Norm Macdonald was the master at ridiculing pomposity America's outstanding virtue.

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Even an underachieving high-school drop-out such as I can appreciate what you put down in your reply. Shakespeare's work is among the deepest, broadest, literary/ theatrical treasure the world has ever seen. Sad, considering the current state the world, at least in the so-called developed west, better days seem to be somewhere over the rainbow. You ask me "Do you consider Shakespeare's "Not of woman born" a pun?" If you meant to quote the bard " None of a woman born shall harm MacBeth" then my answer is it's not a pun, rather, in the context of the plot , the central character, i.e. MacBeth , took it to mean he, himself, was invincible. Regarding your question on events from scripture, Cain answered the inquiring omnipotent All Mighty God " Am I my brother's keeper?" thus revealing his own arrogance/ conceit/ hardness. From my reading of writings on Jewish Old Testament tradition, the "Son of David" is the future savior of the Jews, who shall be from the blood line of the famous King David . You ask > What about "et tu Brute"? Sadly , universally, that kind of betrayal happens every day. Man is sinful by nature. Yet, I believe God offers all sinners freedom of choice even unto salvation. I'd bet you've read about Messiah Ben Joseph? BTW> I hadnt' heard any mention of Kinky Friedman in years, and I looked him up on Youtube just now and was surprised to see/hear that he's still out there playing bringing music to hardcore country music lovers. And on that note, I thank you for replying and sharing your brilliant wit and other fantastic things.

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First of all if you prick me I will bleed. Secondly Shakespeare never met a Jew. Never, ever, ever my people were expelled after the Crusades and only returned after Cromwell's hatchet man dispatched Charles I.

Son of David refer to the public personna of the Son of David not his supposed descendants. The seed of David required DAVID.

Thirdly Shakespeare was Shakespeare not the son of nobility and that alone is a mystery because commoners didn't read or write which indicates Shakespeare didn't arise in a thatched Cottage in the commons. Should I go on and the mysteries encounter in a non literate society where reading was privilege of the few.

We have attributed Messiahship to many but a Jewish Messiah is a brother not a demiGod.

My Biblical Concordance is The Torah from Toronto's Holy Blossom Temple where magic is all abracadabra and hocus pocus. I am a Deist like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who like all scientists studied evolution didn't continence belief (religion) in matters of men.

Please. I have no papers to indicated I am schooled but you know I am 74 and have travelled extensively in both written and oral cultures.

You are ethnocentric and ill informed. I learn through interconnection. Dewey is STILL A GREAT PHILOSOPHER BUT I DON'T BUILD WALLS, I TRY TO TEAR THEM DOWN.

the Samaritans were Jews who chose not to confine their God to a Temple and chose to smear feces at the portals. Interesting this is what some native populations did in the Americas. I find Mormons very interesting in that the Temple is where they keep their souls and are tribal yet they sent missionaries into the world to create Mormons who don't look Jewish.

I am not an underachiever I did my best . I tried harder than anyone and failed your schools. I want to rub shit over all your institutions but nobody would understand.

You don't need to be forgiven for not knowing what you are talking about. Some call it propaganda, some call it programming , some call it brainwashing I call it gaslighting. It is North America's highly evolved child rearing technique.

" God bless us all" Tiny Tim".

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So much to talk about. Maybe later. One thing > You say " Shakespeare never met a Jew". Are you sure about that? Author James S. Shapiro 'Shakespeare and The Jews'. says that despite a ban on the practice of Judaism then, there were many Jews living in England during the Bard's time. TTYS.

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The Barber of Seville is about the tears of a clown, Sweeny Todd is a musical comedy. Spend a Night at the Opera with Karl and rest of the Marx brothers.

There is no Sanity Clause.

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