It is funny that when you Google "Warren Weinstein" you get a picture of Obama's face: https://www.google.com/search?q=warren+weinstein

Former MD Senator Barbara Mikulski pursued the Weinstein case for years with no joy: https://www.mymcmedia.org/milulski-releases-statement-about-death-of-rockville-resident-warren-weinstein/

Bottom line is CIA/Pentagon kills whomever it wants, whenever it wants. Most of the time it is unaware of whom exactly is being killed and doesn't care. There's no legal accountability, even in the case of US citizens.

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Maybe enough time has finally passed. When I saw the strikes on 9/11 I first thought two things. 1) Holy sh*t, 2) they hit wall street and the pentagon, not me.

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Ackerman was the guy who tried to rally his fellow Journ-o-listers to make bad-faith accusations of racism against anyone who brought up Obama’s relationship to Rev. Wright. Fitting that he should have received a Pulitzer.

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The best ever summary of the "Hope and Change" fraud - swindler Barack Obama:

The Vanishing Legacy of Barack Obama

On the road from stirring symbol of hope and change to the Fat Elvis of neoliberalism, birthday-partying Barack Obama sold us all out


Matt Taibbi -- Aug 13

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